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Corporate chauffeur service

Corporate Car Hire Service in Kyiv with “Mercedes Hire”


Very often, it is inexpedient for companies to manage their car fleets, and calling a taxi for long trips is uneconomic. Therefore, corporate chauffeur services appear to be an ideal solution. Corporate car rent for legal entities is advisable in the following cases:


  • Picking up important guests. Foreign business partners may visit Kyiv only a few times during the year. To drive them, purchasing an expensive Mercedes S-Class and incurring its maintenance costs is unnecessary.
  • Business trips — if a car is needed only for one-off working tours.
  • Having a car available within a short time — for example, when you need a status car to be put at your disposal as soon as possible (within an hour).


To meet all these needs, it is worth considering the corporate vehicle rental with executive drivers for corporate customers in Kyiv. “Mercedes Hire” provides the opportunity to use Mercedes-Benz corporate hire cars. As our employees speak English, this service is in great demand among representative offices of global companies, consulates, embassies, and other international institutions.


How to book a corporate car rental


The company offers a flexible pricing system for corporate customers. The corporate car hire price for companies depends on a number of factors. To calculate the actual cost, an authorized representative arrives at the customer’s office. Before making a deal, the following parameters need to be defined:


  • the class of a car to be hired (you can choose a suitable car from our Fleet);
  • the rental period;
  • the vehicle operation place (in or outside the city).


After discussing all the details, a company representative will be able to estimate the final cost. You can pay for corporate car rental services in cash or by bank transfer to our bank account.