Mercedes Sprinter Van Rental with a Driver

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

USD per hour
(Within city)
0 USD per day
(Within city)
USD per km
Boryspil Airport Transfer (KBP) 100 USD
Kyiv Airport Transfer (IEV) 85 USD
Minimum order size 90 USD

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Luxury Van

Within city 30 USD per hour
Minimum order (includes 2 hours of rent and initial fee) 90 USD
Full day rent 360 USD
Transfer from / to Boryspil airport (KBP) 100 USD
Transfer from / to Kyiv airport (IEV) 85 USD
Intercity 0.75 USD per km

Mercedes Sprinter Chauffeur Hire

Within city 25 USD per hour
Minimum order (includes 2 hours of rent and initial fee) 75 USD
Full day rent 300 USD
Transfer from / to Boryspil airport (KBP) 85 USD
Transfer from / to Kyiv airport (IEV) 65 USD
Intercity 0.75 USD per km

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chauffeur Hire in Kyiv and Ukraine


The modern rhythm of business life involves many business travels, both within Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. When the objective is to transport quickly and comfortably a small group of people, renting a passenger van would be the most logical decision. The ideal solution is to rent a Sprinter — the minibus of the famous German brand Mercedes-Benz that combines the comfort and dynamics of a passenger car. By riding a Sprinter, you can easily travel any distance.


The “Mercedes Hire” company offers a Mercedes Sprinter van with a chauffeur in Kyiv and other cities to meet the need for quality transport support for any event. An airport pick-up, a city tour, intercity passenger transportation, or driving guests to a wedding — we will be happy to fulfill any order you place!


Benefits of hiring Mercedes Sprinter and Luxury Sprinter minibus


Opting for the Mercedes Sprinter van rental from our company, you get a modern and comfortable vehicle that was from the very beginning intended for passenger transportation. Good soundproofing, the soft seats, high-quality interior décor, and elasticity of the suspension nearing that of passenger cars — all this will allow passengers to cover any distances with comfort.


Our company provides Sprinter rental vans of different seating capacities ranging from 8 to 20 people. It should be noted that, when booking a Sprinter van hire, it is important to take into account the amount of luggage that passengers will have to be put in the luggage compartment. The standard Sprinter boot can fit 4 to 6 large suitcases. To avoid holding their luggage on their laps all the way long, they will have to rent an additional vehicle for luggage transportation. Our company dispatcher will help identify the best option when choosing a suitable vehicle for you.


The luxury Sprinter van rental is worth a special mention. A Sprinter with the VIP-class passenger compartment is remarkable for being more spacious, which is achieved due to a decrease in the number of seats (usually from 4 to 12). In such a passenger van, large comfortable seats with individual adjustments are installed, with leather, suede, and velour being predominantly used as interior finishing materials. Unique LED lighting creates an atmosphere of coziness in the van cabin.


An estimated Sprinter rental cost can be viewed on our website. For example, the price of renting a Mercedes-Benz VIP-class Sprinter for 1 hour within the city is 750 UAH. Our dispatcher will calculate the exact price for you after discussing all the details of the journey. You can pay for the services using both cash and cashless methods.


A passenger van can be hired for a few hours, for a day (24 hours), for a week, or even for a month. An hourly Mercedes Sprinter passenger van rental means traveling around the city for a minimum of 3 hours.


Regardless of how long it is hired for, we are ready to provide a Sprinter rental with a driver on any day of the week and at any time of the day. All our passenger vans are in excellent condition and are driven by experienced drivers.


Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van Key Features


It would seem that it is difficult to break the monotony of the simple and largely utilitarian design of this passenger van, but designers managed to give an individual character to it. The massive radiator grille with three horizontal bars and the big headlamps with rounded edges make a Sprinter easily identifiable on roads all over the world.


Among passenger modifications of the Sprinter van, it is worth highlighting some main base models. These are compact, standard, and long-wheelbase versions. They differ both in the wheelbase length (from 3250 to 4325 mm) and the total length (from 5267 to 6967 mm). In the case of the long-wheelbase version, the length of the passenger compartment alone will be 4.3 meters. There are Sprinters with different roof heights: low, standard, high, and super-high.


The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is equipped with a powerful and economical turbo-diesel engine OM651 having several power levels — from 114 hp to 163 hp. The 3-liter V6 with the power of 190 hp and the torque of 440 newton-meters tops the engine range. For use in harder conditions, all-wheel-drive modifications are available.


The Sprinter has many competitors and interestingly enough, one of them, the Volkswagen Crafter, was built using the second-generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as a base.


The history of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van


The history of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter passenger vans began not so long ago dating back to 1995 when the 600th series (also known as Т1) was replaced by a completely new model with the designation W906. The new development switched to unibody instead of body-on-frame and became bigger than its predecessor. The total weight of the vehicle increased, resulting in greater carrying capacity. For passenger versions, all these innovations meant more space and comfort in the cabin. At Mercedes-Benz, they did not forget about the style either — the new passenger van could boast an elegant look. The optimal design, plenty of different modifications, and balanced consumer properties allowed the Sprinter to immediately win the prestigious Van of the Year award in 1995.


The model can be deservedly named global because it is available on sale in 130 countries of the world. However, in some markets, it is called differently. For example, in the USA, it is known as Freightliner Sprinter (since 2001) or Dodge Sprinter.


The second Mercedes-Benz Sprinter generation was presented in 2006. To maximize the coverage of all market segments in the class, the model was manufactured in four length versions as well as in three wheelbase and roof height versions. In total, there were about 1,000 basic configurations available ex-works! The Sprinter has always been notable for a rich choice of security systems. So, after the restyling in 2002, the ESP stabilization system was installed on it, and during the second generation upgrade in 2013, such an interesting option as the side wind stabilization system was added.


The third Sprinter generation built on a redefined platform saw the light in 2018. The number of configurations has almost doubled now totaling almost two thousand. For the first time, an all-electric version named eSprinter with a cruising range of up to 150 km was developed and presented.


The timeline of the release years of all Sprinter generations and their technical characteristics are shown in the table below:



Years of manufacture





Mercedes-Benz Sprinter W903

1995 – 2006

L4: 2.1, 2.3, L5: 2.7, 2.979 – 156 hp4890×1935×2350
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter W906

2006 – 2018

L4: 2.1,

V6: 3.0, 3.5

95 – 190 hp5245×1993×2435
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter W907

2018 — present

L4: 2.1

V6: 3.0

114 – 190 hp5267×2175×2360



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