Mercedes G-class Car Rental with a Driver

Mercedes-Benz G-class

USD per hour
(Within city)
0 USD per day
(Within city)
USD per km
Boryspil Airport Transfer (KBP) 130 USD
Kyiv Airport Transfer (IEV) 75 USD
Minimum order size 105 USD

Mercedes-Benz GLS

Within city 65 USD
Minimum order (includes 3 hours of rent and initial fee) 325 USD
Full day rent 780 USD
Transfer from / to Boryspil airport (KBP) 195 USD
Transfer from / to Kyiv airport (IEV) 160 USD
Intercity 1.5 USD

Mercedes-Benz G-class

Within city 35 USD per hour
Minimum order (includes 2 hours of rent and initial fee) 105 USD
Full day rent 420 USD
Transfer from / to Boryspil airport (KBP) 130 USD
Transfer from / to Kyiv airport (IEV) 75 USD
Intercity 0.9 USD per km

Mercedes-Benz G Wagon chauffeur car hire in Kyiv


Nowadays, Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the unique SUV, combining comfort with the charismatic and inimitable design, dynamics as well as an outstanding road performance. The “Mercedes Hire” company invites you to get the full range of impressions of this legendary car through a G-Wagon hire. Opting for a Mercedes G-Class rental with a chauffeur offered by our company, you will be able to appreciate one of the most famous SUVs in the world!


Chauffeur-Driven Mercedes G Wagon Specification. Benefits of G Class rental


Mercedes-Benz G-Class has become iconic for the German Mercedes-Benz brand and cultic not only for off-road fans but also for ordinary motor-car enthusiasts. Certainly, anyone has dreamed of driving a G-Class at least once! However, if you prefer to rent a G-Wagon with a driver and need a status SUV to ride for business purposes, going out of town, to a gala event, or a wedding — our company is ready to provide the best Mercedes G-Class rental services to you.

The “Mercedes Hire” company works seven days a week and offers cars for rent both in Kyiv and its region as well as across Ukraine. All our cars are well-maintained, serviced, and are in excellent condition. If you want to hire a G-Wagon with a driver, you may always expect a professional chauffeur to be at the steering wheel. We are ready to serve our customers from abroad in English. For the maximum convenience of our clientele, both cash and non-cash payment options are accepted. And no matter how long you plan on renting a Geländewagen — we at “Mercedes Hire” value every customer!


Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen Key Features


Preserving a rather conservative ‘square’ style of the exterior, Mercedes-Benz G-Class (W463) has, at the same time, a comfortable and stunningly executed interior, and is fully loaded with modern technical features. Such elements as visible door hinges, massive door handles, and a spare wheel mounted externally emphasize the power, brutality, and charisma of this car. And the off-road potential gives G-Wagon a phenomenal cross-country ability, allows it to be, if necessary, an unsurpassed conqueror of rough roads.


The G-Class is based on a ladder-type chassis frame, and its structure combines both high-strength steel and aluminum. For example, the bonnet, the wings, and the doors are made of ‘winged metal’ — duralumin. The coil spring suspension is equipped with adjustable shock absorbers, so their operation mode can be changed depending on the road surface type. The full-time all-wheel-drive system with the reduction gear is responsible for its off-road capabilities. The three locking differentials are an authentic Geländewagen trait. To highlight it, the buttons are purposely located in the center of the front board, where they adjoin the Comand touchpad and the large screen of a multimedia system.


The SUV owes its impressive dynamics to the turbocharged engines: the diesel in-line six-cylinder ones with the power of 286 hp and 330 hp, and the petrol V-shaped eight-cylinder engines. The G500 version develops the power of 421 hp and can accelerate a car to the first ‘hundred’ in 5.9 seconds. At the top of the line-up, you will find the model developed by the AMG division. Mercedes-AMG G63 is a graphic demonstration of engineering excellence. The engine capacity of 585 hp and the acceleration to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds make this model truly unique of its kind.


The history of full-size SUVs Mercedes-Benz G-Class


Mercedes-Benz G-Class had been produced for more than 40 years, and the history of Geländewagen started when the well-known Iranian shah Mohammed Pahlavi proposed to the German concern to develop a multi-purpose SUV that would be suitable both for military operations and for mountain or hunting trips of civilians. The car designing began in the early 70s in cooperation with the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch. Working together, in 1979, they presented to the world Mercedes-Benz G-Class the name of which was a shortened form of “Geländewagen” (German for “SUV”, “all-terrain vehicle”).


For all the years of manufacture, the G-Class has lived up to its name being a solid, capable of off-roading, and utilitarian car. From the very beginning, the model was offered with various bodies in short and long-wheelbase versions, and over time, their number has only increased. A striking example of this is the W461 model which was intended for military men, secret services as well as public and privately owned institutions of all types. In 1990, Mercedes decided to make it also a premium model. Even if its appearance did not change fundamentally, the G-Class got a wealth of standard equipment and more powerful engines, including the impressive V12. The third generation appeared in 2018. Although it was an absolutely new car, they decided to leave the designation unaltered.


The complete list of models is shown in the table below:



Years of manufacture





Mercedes-Benz W460

1979 – 1991

L4: 2.0-2.4, L5: 2.5-3.0, L6: 2.872 – 155 hp4560×1700×1920
Mercedes-Benz W461

1991 – 1991

L4: 2.3, L5: 2.7, 2.9, V6: 3.092 – 184 hp4580×1700×1940
Mercedes-Benz W463 I

1990 – 2018

L4: 2.0, 2.3, L5: 2.5, 2.7 L6: 3.0-3.6, V6: 3.0, 3.2, V8: 4.0-5.4, V12: 6.0, 6.393 – 621 hp4661×1760×1836
Mercedes-Benz W463 II

2018 — present

L6: 2.9, V8: 4.0286 – 585 hp4817×1931×1969
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