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Hourly car hire service

Hourly rent a car with a driver in Kyiv. Hourly Mercedes car hire


The car is regarded not only as a vehicle but also as a trusty and reliable assistant in many of our duties. Sometimes, the circumstances are such that it is indispensable to hire a car: business meetings, celebrations, romantic voyages, and many other kinds of events. There are two options for you to rent a car: with or without a driver. Of course, each option has its advantages. The “Mercedes Hire” company provides car rental services with a driver only.  This kind of rent has advantages and would be convenient for you for a number of reasons.


 Price factor

 The price of hourly car hire with a driver is one of the decisive factors. The cost depends on the actual time of using the car. For example, if you need to rent a Mercedes S-Class car with a chauffeur for 3 hours, you will only pay for 3 hours plus an initial fee – charge for delivering a car (the equivalent of a one-hour rental price): 3 h × 1,000 UAH + 1,000 UAH = 4,000 UAH. Thus, you should only pay for the time during which you use a car. When you rent a car without a driver, a 24-hour car rental is the only option available, which means that you have to pay extra, e.g., for night hours when the car will not be in use… A person who wants to hire a car without a driver also needs to remember about a deposit that needs to be made. No doubt, it is not always convenient to pay such an amount of money in cash

When you plan to hire a car with a driver, you need to take into account that the minimum order is for 2 hours. Based on our many years of experience, when booking a car with a driver, customers hire it for at least a few hours.


Comfort factor

 Riding as a passenger in car hire with a driver is another important factor. This is not only an opportunity to fully enjoy the comfort of a Mercedes-Benz car but also an opportunity to avoid traffic jams in the city. A professional driver is at the steering wheel, and you have an opportunity to talk with your travel companions or focus on your plans. There is no need to monitor the situation on the road, participate in intensive urban traffic, and be unnecessarily nervous. And there is something to worry about! From a potential towing of a badly parked car to the risk of getting recorded by a traffic camera for a speeding violation or in a car accident.


Responsibility factor

 When hiring a car without a driver, the possibility of damaging a car when driving cannot be excluded either. Even a minor scratch on the bumper or a dent on the door (not even through your fault!) will involve calling the police, drawing up a report as well as other not very pleasant formalities. On top of it, an inquiry will be held by a rental company. And how much strain on the nerves and wasted time will it cause?

The responsibility for an accident is also an important issue. When hiring a car with a driver, the customer rides as a passenger and, therefore, bears no responsibility for damaging the car when driving. If a vehicle is rented without a driver, in the event of an accident, an insurance company must compensate for the material damage caused. But in some cases, the insurer may refuse to indemnify the rental company (as the vehicle owner) for losses referring to certain paragraphs of a Motor-Hull Insurance contract. Thus, it will be the driver’s responsibility to compensate for the damage. The repair cost, even if the damage is minor, of a premium or executive-class car by the Mercedes-Benz brand will by far exceed the rental price.


Time factor

Saving time and effort is another argument in favor of an hourly car hire service with a driver. You will not have to go to a rental company office losing precious time in traffic congestion — a car will arrive by itself at the right time at the specified location within Ukraine. Given constant traffic jams in Kyiv during working hours, it can take you an hour to get to the place of picking up a car, and then another hour to return the car. 1.5-2 hours of rental time will only be spent on going there and back. It should be noted that some rental companies, in case of renting a car without a driver, may bring the car to the customer by themselves, but this service is not cheap — it costs not less than $20 within the city. This exceeds, for example, the price of renting an executive-class car with a driver for one hour.


Privacy factor

In our company, we do not insist on concluding a contract. It means that you do not have to undergo the verification of personal data and provide passport details. As we know, for some VIP clients, confidentiality is of paramount importance.


We value the time and convenience of our customers, so we provide them with an opportunity to make comfortable and safe trips for any distance — be it within the city or around Ukraine.


Advantages of renting a car for a few hours with “Mercedes-Hire”


Our company owns one of the largest fleets of Mercedes-Benz cars in Ukraine that are maintained in excellent condition. We constantly work on keeping our cars clean and fully operable by having them regularly serviced at the official Mercedes-Benz service stations. With the cars of different classes available, we can fulfill a wide variety of orders: putting at customers’ disposal several vehicles at once, combining cars of different classes, for example, a saloon car and a minivan; a saloon car and a minibus; a saloon car, a minivan, and a minibus, and so on.


We also have the company’s own staff of highly trained and experienced drivers who possess excellent skills in driving executive-class cars, know the current road situation well, and are polite and punctual. Therefore, no traffic congestion will be a problem either for bringing around a car on time or for riding along the planned route. Of course, we always take into account customers’ wishes, if any, regarding the route.


Our drivers and office personnel speak English, so we guarantee that there will be no language barriers during the entire time of fulfilling your order — from receiving to fully completing it.


You can pay for your ride in one of the following ways choosing the one that is most convenient for you:

– non-cash transfer to the company’s bank account;

– cash to the driver;

– card-to-card transfer or payment via a POS-terminal directly in the car (by prior agreement).


How to book an hourly car rental with a driver


We care for the maximum convenience of potential customers willing to contact us. You can book a car with a driver using the means of communication you prefer.


Online order

To make an online request, press the “Order Now” button and fill in the required fields of the form: Name, Phone Number, Email, and Message. In the Message field, describe your preferences regarding the service as fully as possible: what car (or cars) is needed, when and where to bring it around, the preliminary route. You can also provide all the necessary information by sending an email to info@mercedes-hire.com .


Text messages

 You can order an hourly hire via instant messengers, such as Viber, Telegram, and WhatsApp.


Phone call

 And, of course, you can contact our dispatcher by phone at the number +380 99 000 02 23 and place your order.


The detailed information about your order provided in due time will enable us to quickly and properly organize transport support for you.


Car rental hourly rates


Owning a fleet of vehicles, “Mercedes Hire” offers its services at the prices most customers can afford. We provide a high-level service at a thoroughly justified car rental hourly rate.


The hourly rental prices of a car with a driver are shown in the table below:

Car model

Rental price per hour, USD

Initial fee, USD

The minimal order

Mercedes Maybach



3 hours

Mercedes S-Class



2 hours

Mercedes G-Class



2 hours

Mercedes E-Class



2 hours

Mercedes V-Class



2 hours

Mercedes Sprinter



2 hours


It should be noted that a car rental per hour means renting a car for rides within the city. If you need to go outside the city for a distance of 35-40 km, a charge for going outside the city limits in the amount equal to a one-hour car rental price will be added to the total amount due. When going outside the city for a longer distance, the customer pays for the kilometers traveled.


The charge for bringing around a car equivalent to a 1-hour car rental price should not be forgotten about either.

Book the best hourly car rental with a driver and enjoy your ride under any circumstances!

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