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Rent car with a driver

When you need to rent a car with a driver in Kyiv


To rent a car with a driver is the best choice for a punctual business person. A business person who has a lot of things to do should not care about driving a car on his or her own, worrying about its technical condition; he or she can relax during a ride and enjoy a view from the window, get ready for an important meeting or event. Our drivers know the transport infrastructure of the city very well, so they will bring you to the right place as quickly and safely as possible.


Advantages of car rental with “Mercedes Hire”. VIP taxi for demanding clients


At the “Mercedes-Hire” company, you can book a Mercedes-Benz chauffeur-driven car for such purposes as:


  • rides around Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine;
  • transfer from an airport or a railway station;
  • organizing a business trip for yourself or your partner;
  • different festive events (weddings, company parties, birthdays, bringing a new-born home from a maternity hospital, graduation parties, bachelor parties, hen nights, etc.).


A large fleet of cars allows us to quickly respond to orders from customers who want to have a car brought around as soon as possible. Often, our car arrives to pick up a passenger even faster than ordinary taxi services. We can rightfully be called the best chauffeur service in Kyiv. Place an order for a VIP taxi with us — this will not only ensure your safe and comfortable riding but will also accentuate your high status.


Important! If necessary, you can order a motorcade entirely made up of Mercedes-Benz cars. As a rule, motorcades accompany a transfer of official delegations from the airport and weddings.


Our VIP taxi is an advantageous chauffeur car hire of the best Mercedes-Benz models. The service provided by our company compares favorably with ordinary taxi services in Kyiv. Our chauffeurs are always polite and tidily dressed; they arrive at the destination specified by a customer in advance (15-20 minutes before the due time).


The company vehicles regularly undergo scheduled maintenance. The cars are brought around clean — both on the inside and on the outside. You get a good value for money opting for the car and driver hire in Kyiv from our company since we offer numerous benefits:


  • A large fleet of Mercedes-Benz executive-class cars (Maybach, S-Class, G-Class, E-Class, V-Class, Sprinter).
  • Our team of professional drivers who have extensive experience of driving executive-class cars — every driver undergoes a careful selection process to assess his personal and professional qualities. The company drivers constantly improve their driving skills by attending specialized training courses.
  • A proper technical condition of a car — every car is under the constant control of technicians; it undergoes timely maintenance at the official technical service stations. In case of failure of some components, only original spare parts are installed during a repair.
  • The service provided to customers from abroad — the Mercedes-Benz car and driver rental is suitable for both Ukrainians and foreigners (our employees are fluent in English). This advantage is crucial when providing service to customers from abroad.
  • Convenient payment methods — we accept rental payments made by using one of the following methods: cash, transfer to a Visa/ MasterCard card, or a bank account.
  • Legality — we work officially and have all the necessary registration documents and licenses for passenger transportation.


Using a luxury chauffeur service in Kyiv is not only convenient but also respectable. For example, when you arrive at a business meeting in an expensive, prestigious car, you strengthen your image of a successful and reliable person.


How to order a car rental with a driver hourly/ for a day


You can place an order for a car on rent with a driver with our company for any length of time. It may be done in one of the following ways:


  • By filling in the form on our website. Click on the “Order Now” button, specify your name, contact phone number, and email address in the corresponding lines. You should also let us know your wishes regarding the car class, the date, and place of bringing it around, the expected number of passengers and amount of luggage, the rental period, and the route planned for the entire time of using the service.
  • By calling the phone number provided. On the website, you will find a mobile phone number; by calling it, you can get in contact with a company manager and place an order quickly.
  • Via instant messengers. The chauffeur-driven car hire can be formalized through Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram. The website contains the messenger icons by clicking on which you can contact our dispatcher, choose a suitable car model, and agree on all the details of your order.


It is important to remember that the private car hire with a driver by the hour in Kyiv is possible only within the city. If you need to go outside the city in a rented car the distance should not exceed 30-40 km and a charge in the amount of one extra hour of the rental will be applied.


Important! When calculating the price of an hourly rental, you need to include the car delivery price to the customer’s location; it equals VIP a one-hour rental.


The price of renting chauffeur-driven cars of various classes


Our company provides the first-class chauffeur car service at moderate prices. Since we use the company’s own cars, communicate directly with our clientele, the customer does not have to pay a commission to a middleman. We have a flexible pricing system for corporate customers.

The chauffeur car hire prices shown on our website are always actual and directly depend on the class and brand of the car to be hired, the rental time (when travelling within the city), the distance to be traveled (when going outside the city limits).


Here is our car rental price list:


Car class

One-hour rental price, USD

All-day (12 hours) rental price, USD

24-hour rental price, USD

Minimum rental time

Transfer price within the city, USD

Mercedes Maybach


80019003 hours


Mercedes S-class


50010002 hours


Mercedes G-class


4208402 hours


Mercedes E-class


3507002 hours


Mercedes V-class


3507002 hours


Mercedes Sprinter


3256502 hours


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