Mercedes V-class Car Rental with a Driver

Mercedes-Benz V-class

USD per hour
(Within city)
0 USD per day
(Within city)
USD per km
Boryspil Airport Transfer (KBP) 80 USD
Kyiv Airport Transfer (IEV) 65 USD
Minimum order size 75 USD

Mercedes-Benz V-class

Within city 25 USD per hour
Minimum order (includes 2 hours of rent and initial fee) 75 USD
Full day rent 350 USD
Transfer from / to Boryspil airport (KBP) 80 USD
Transfer from / to Kyiv airport (IEV) 65 USD
Intercity 0.75 USD per km

Mercedes-Benz V-Class chauffeur car hire in Kyiv, Ukraine


What is the best way to organize the transportation of a small group of passengers in an executive-class car? The “Mercedes Hire” company offers an efficient solution to this need — a V-Class minivan rental with a chauffeur. Renting a car with a driver from us, you will have at your disposal a spacious and prestigious minivan. No matter what purposes you hire the V-Class for, you can completely focus on them without being distracted by the bustle of the city traffic once you entrust transportation tasks to real professionals.


Benefits of renting a luxury van Mercedes V-Class with a chauffeur


The Mercedes-Benz V-class is a 7-seater minivan that combines the key features of Mercedes executive-class saloon cars with roominess and comfort, which allows comfortably transporting passengers both for short and long distances. At that, engineers ensured comfort for all the passengers and created a capacious luggage compartment. We offer a Mercedes V-Class for hire in various versions enabling you to choose the one that suits you best.


Thanks to its form factor, interior, and options that are not inferior to passenger cars, minivans have become popular as offices on wheels. By renting a luxury van Mercedes V-Class with a chauffeur, you will be able not only to pick up your partners or business colleagues at the airport but even hold a business meeting en route. For the convenience of business communication, the seats in the passenger compartment can be rearranged so that passengers sit face to face.


Plan to travel on business or around Ukraine by car and want to cover considerable distances without being too tired and with maximum comfort? The Mercedes-Benz V-Class hire is at your service! It can also become indispensable in organizing a corporate event or celebrating a solemn occasion. In any case, the three-beam star of Mercedes-Benz will always serve as a status symbol to your advantage!


Striving to satisfy the requirements of our most demanding customers, we provide only high-quality service. All our cars are in excellent condition and ready to arrive at any time of the day at whatever destination in Kyiv, the Kyiv region, or Ukraine. We place at your disposal our English-speaking drivers, a fleet of cars to choose from, and the convenient settlement methods: both cash and cashless payments are accepted.


Mercedes V-Class Key Features


The Mercedes-Benz V-Class was originally conceived as a passenger minivan, so its design is refined, stylish, and attracts attention with its luxurious details. Smooth lines of the streamlined body, the elegant automotive optics, and the decorative elements make this minivan stand out in a stream of traffic and set it apart from not so many competitors (for example, Volkswagen Multivan) that, despite being multi-purpose cars, yield to the V-Class in prestige and comfort. Practical cars can be luxurious!


The V-Class interior is another argument in favor of it. Passengers can enjoy separate seats with personalized adjustments, the MBUX multimedia system, comfortable decorative lighting, the richly decorated cabin, sliding doors on the right and left sides for the convenience of passengers when getting in and out.


The V-Class is manufactured in various versions of the car body length: compact, long, and extra-long. In the compact design, the minivan length is 4.9 meters, and 610 liters is the luggage capacity of the 7-seater configuration. While in the long-wheelbase version (extra-long) the length of which is 5.37 meters, it will be as much as 1,410 liters! For the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, a wide range of diesel engines, that combine excellent thrust ensuring smooth driving and high fuel efficiency, is available.


The history of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class minivan series


The history of creating the modern V-Class began at the turn of 1980-1990 when they at the Daimler concern realized the necessity to replace the utilitarian MB100 model. A new series of minivans, commonly known as Vito, was ready by 1995, and its manufacture was organized at a plant in Spain. The car got the W638 model designation, and its most comfortable passenger versions were named V-class. Developing a new model, they at Mercedes-Benz paid much attention to safety, endurance, and handling, for which purpose computer-aided engineering was generally applied. Also, the minivan componentry was maximally optimized, and it was decided to use a front-wheel-drive. Thus, the Mercedes-Benz Vito (V-Class) became the first front-wheel-drive car of the company. From the very start of manufacturing, the V-Class came with a long list of accessories, including, among other things, the air suspension.


The second minivan generation (W639) has substituted its predecessor in 2003 and appeared to be a completely revamped car. It was decided to call this passenger version Viano. The car body available in three wheelbase length versions had a new design, and the mechanism of opening the side and rear doors was improved. The drive was changed to the rear-wheel one plus all-wheel-drive versions were made available. The list of safety systems installed serially has been largely extended. There were many specially designed versions as well, with Marco Polo for tourists being one of them. It is also worth noting that Vito (V-Class) was widely used by different agencies, and its sales territory stretched from Japan to America.


The third minivan generation (W447) was released in 2014 and is still on the market. The V-Class name was given back to this comfortable passenger version, and in the markets of the USA and Canada, the minivan is known as Mercedes-Benz Metris. In terms of handling and comfort, the V-Class was brought as close as possible to passenger cars, and some of these cars may envy the level of equipment it possesses.


The timeline of the V-Class release years and its specifications are shown in the following table:



Years of manufacture





Mercedes-Benz V-Class W638

1995 – 2003

L4: 2.0-2.2, V6: 2.879 – 174 hp4660×1880×1845
Mercedes-Benz V-Class W639 (Viano)

2003 – 2014

L4: 2.0, 2.1, V6: 3.0-3.595 – 258 hp4748×1906×1875
Mercedes-Benz V-Class W447

2014 — present

L4:1.6-2.1136 – 239 hp4895×1928×1907


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