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Wedding car hire in Kyiv and Kyiv region. Luxury car rental Mercedes for a wedding


There are many bright and memorable events in life, but some of them are truly special. And a wedding is one of those events! Exciting and demanding at the same time, it requires taking into account many logistical arrangements. And the wedding car hire is a very important aspect of preparing for such a ceremony. After all, everyone wants so much to make this day unique, unforgettable, and remarkable!


And the car that will accompany you throughout the day should be just like that — posh and emblematic. That is why the “Mercedes Hire” company offers a Mercedes car hire for a wedding because this brand philosophy reflects exclusiveness!


We would like to suggest to you one of the best limo wedding hire options — the luxurious and high-status premium saloon car Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. This legendary car will be able to create an atmosphere of sophistication and prestige as well as offer the newlyweds the highest level of comfort combined with unique stylishness. Solid and respectable on the outside, on the inside, it will welcome its chief guests with a stunning passenger compartment. The best finishing materials are used here: expensive leather, decorative inserts made of valuable wood, individual adjustments of the rear seats, and, of course, a minibar with champagne. At the same time, the Mercedes-Maybach is not devoid of utilitarian features: brides wearing puffy dresses will appreciate wide doorways as well as the spaciousness of the cabin.


The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is no less popular as a wedding car on rent. It has long been the embodiment of high-status classics and is considered the ‘number one’ car for any solemn occasion. Comfortable, hi-tech, and powerful, it will let you experience a lot of pleasant and memorable moments! We also offer other Mercedes-Benz models as cars on rent for a wedding a full list of which you can find on our website, on the Fleet page. And choose the optimal option for you with an ideal status-to-budget ratio.


Hire van, minibus, and bus for a wedding


Along with the lead car of a wedding motorcade, you should also take care of a vehicle that will bring your dear guests to a photo shoot location, and away ceremony, a restaurant, or a countryside complex. A van that can quickly and comfortably bring guests and pick them up after the marriage ceremony is the best option for this. We propose a wedding van rental and are ready to offer several models to choose from.


So, a Mercedes V-Class minivan is not inferior to a luxury car that can seat 6 people. A more economical version of it — Mercedes Vito — seats up to 8 passengers. If you plan a big event, then a Mercedes Sprinter van that can seat from 8 to 20 people will be a suitable option. For more details on these cars, please visit our website page dedicated to the rental of Sprinters. And if a grandiose wedding reception is planned, and you are going to invite many guests, then buses with a capacity of 30 and up to 74 passengers are at your service.


Benefits of renting a wedding car with “Mercedes Hire”


Whatever the scenario of your solemn celebration, let real professionals take care of transport support for it. Our company owns one of the largest fleets of Mercedes-Benz cars available for hire, which allows us to offer you the best option, including the possibility of choosing the passenger compartment color. Based on our experience, we want to draw your attention to the fact that it will be useful to see how puffy the bride’s wedding dress is compared to the size of a wedding car to be hired, in real time. The larger they are, the easier it will be to get in and out of the cabin, without worrying about looking immaculate. Thought-out details are the key to a successful event!


All our cars are in excellent technical condition, and experienced and punctual drivers will accompany you on the ride. From our experience of many years, we are well aware of the importance of professionalism, punctuality, and politeness of a driver, so we pay a lot of attention to this.


Wedding car hire prices


As would be expected, the wedding car hire cost depends on its class. You can view all the models and select a Mercedes-Benz wedding car on the page Our Fleet. But to give you an idea about our pricing policy, the cost of a one-hour Mercedes-Benz E-Class wedding car hire is 30 USD, and that of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class — from 40 USD to 55 USD. And the price of a Maybach wedding car hire is 85 USD per hour. It should also be noted that the minimum rental time is 3 hours. When calculating the price, the charge for delivering a car equals a one-hour rental needs to be accounted for.


The minimum order price (for 3 hours) to rent a car for a wedding is shown in the table below:


 Car Class    /   Hire Price:

Mercedes Maybach

Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes E-Class

 Mercedes V-Class

 Mercedes Sprinter

Hire price for
3 hours, USD
Every extra hour, USD
Price of a ride outside the city, USD per km
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