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The largest fleet of own premium cars in Ukraine

You can order the best Mercedes cars from us: from Maybach to Sprinter

Exquisite Mercedes Benz models are available from our largest in the country selection of vehicles. All of the vehicles are maintained in accordance with the highest standards and are all available for hire throughout Ukraine and Kyiv. We have 6 different classes of vehicles: Maybach, S-class, G-class, E-class, V-class, Sprinter.


– Mercedes Maybach


A Maybach is more than a car. Maybach is the epitome of luxury in motion. If a vehicle can be charismatic, it must be a Maybach. Hiring a Maybach with a driver in Kyiv and Ukraine you will certainly know that you will stand out from the rest. Both our driver and the vehicle will be an assurance of that. The vehicles possess individual aromatization of the interior, exquisite seats that adapt to your figure, and ionization of the air.

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– Mercedes Benz S-Class


All modern technological advancements are used in S-class Mercedes vehicles. The comfort and security of passengers are second to none because of that. S-class is the flagship series of Mercedes vehicles and is considered the best in the world. No wonder most diplomatic corps and governments in the world use exactly S-class Mercedeses. These cars also have futuristic interior lighting and exquisite design of every single detail both inside and outside. Excellence is in the details.

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– Mercedes Benz G-class


A full-size SUV with a powerful front side attracts eyes on the road and in parking lots. It shines a well-defined and it has symmetric side ‘wings’. Secure side mods and a replacement tire on the back of a G class are style millions in the world recognize at first sight. On the inside, it is a statement of comfort and roominess. The leather seats are hand-made and interior lighting can be adjusted. You can also use seat heating or massage options. These vehicles often have an in-built phone and a TV.

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– Mercedes Benz E-class


This is a business-class sedan you cannot go wrong with. It is very sporty and stylish at the same time which is a rare combination in itself. A streamlined body, a coupe-like roof shape, slightly stretched-out corners of front and backlights – all of these things make an E-class the ultimate predator in urban road settings. The seats have orthopedic seat adjustment functionality. E-class allows for enough room for comfortable travel both in and out of the city limits as well as for daily home-work-home trips.

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– Mercedes Benz V-class


A premium-class minivan. It is best used in situations when you need to travel with your family or business colleagues. From the outside, the van looks spectacular. It communicates luxury in a calm manner. This is very rare for a van vehicle, and perhaps only Mercedes managed to create a vehicle like that. The unique luxury feel of the van is achieved through a thought-out styling of the exterior, typical Mercedes logos, and light-alloy rims. Multi-functional climate control options will make sure you and your co-travelers will feel just right after an exhausting flight or during intercity travel in Ukraine, for which you are more than welcome to hire a V-class from us.

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– Mercedes Benz Sprinter


This is the most recognized and popular van of all kinds. It makes a well-rounded choice for small and medium-sized travel groups of people. Depending on client objectives a Sprinter can be used for either touristic or business needs. The seating is extremely comfortable. An upgraded system of security guarantees that your travel will be safe and successful. This is a perfect choice for groups of people aiming to traverse large distances or just travel as one unit without having to split up.

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